An Ironman Triathlon will push the boundaries of your physical and mental endurance. At Wayne Foot & Ankle Center, we understand this better than most. After all, Dr. Lindsey Calligaro is an active competitor, too!

Even less intensive athletic pursuits can result in podiatric injuries, which tend to worsen if left untreated. Athletes often put repeated stress on an injury in an attempt to show grit, but rather than “toughing it out,” we recommend seeking expert care to prevent more serious issues down the road. 

Running Risks

We want you at your peak when pursuing athletic goals, so we’ve shared some tips and info below to help your feet stay fit. 

Feet are your primary point of contact with the ground when running, and they also come under pressure when you’re cycling. Repeated strain from both can lead to:

Plantar Fasciitis: 

  • Caused by inflammation of plantar fascia, connective tissue running from your heel to your toe. 
  • Pain can grow steadily worse and even become debilitating if left untreated. 
  • A common injury amongst runners, plantar fasciitis can be treated with straightforward options like custom orthotic inserts.
  •  For severe cases, modern approaches like steroidal injections or shockwave therapy can be effective. 

Achilles Tendonitis

  • This overuse injury impedes training, causes pain, and puts you at risk for further complications.  
  • If repetitive stress on the tendon weakens it enough, you could experience a tear in the tendon. This is a very painful injury requiring surgical intervention.
  • Proper stretching and physical therapy can both be effective. 

Stress Fractures

  • Repeated strain can result in broken bones and torn ligaments.
  • Severe fractures will take you off your feet for a long time. They sometimes require MRI or CT scans if there is a concern that bone integrity or soft tissue problems have arisen.
  • A protective brace for the ankle or a foot orthosis might be used to stabilize and support.

When it comes to sports injuries, don’t wait. Delayed treatment leads to weakness, instability, arthritis, or cartilage damage, and that means you won’t be competing in any Ironman competitions for the foreseeable future! Take it from a DPM who’s also an athlete: sports injuries need prompt treatment, and no one is better equipped to handle them than Dr. Lindsay Calligaro at Wayne Foot and Ankle Center.

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